Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Straight from The Huffington Post:

Of course, it’s pretty much news all over the world about how the Indiana General Assembly is pushing an amendment to the state constitution banning gay marriages and same-sex unions.  In light of this being one of the most important pieces of legislation being worked on right now (well, maybe 2nd to appropriating funds making Indy “Super Bowl Ready” by 2012), I have to ask two little questions:  1, is this reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally that important?  Shouldn’t we be focusing on getting decent-paying jobs for Hoosiers?  Maybe working to get the unemployed off of the dole que and transitioning to being self-supporting?  Reforming the education system?   I could go on all day about the things the State of Indiana really needs, and though some of you might disagree, I thoroughly believe this isn’t one of them. 
Second question… how backwards do we really want our state to appear?  The jokes are obvious, and have been for a while.  And, things like this continue to make us the laughing stock, especially on message boards everywhere.  Here’s just one reaction to the gay marriage ban attempt:

rextrek   2 hours ago (2:06 PM)  well thank you Indiana for making sure I'LL NEVER Spend a Penny of tourism Money in your state - EVER! Another Hate State in America to avoid!
Coloradem   24 minutes ago (3:53 PM)  You won't be missing anything anyway.... This would likely be one of the easiest boycotts to launch....­ever!
mammon55   2 minutes ago (4:16 PM)  dont hate all of us. we are held by a politiacal majority. if you visit the major metropolit­ian areas its liberal, so are the universiti­es. but every where else is farm land ( one man one sheep)

See?  Even when someone is trying to DEFEND our state, they come off sounding stupid (one man one sheep?  Seriously?).  At least this episode gives us a slight break from trying to analyze the infamous Indiana “blue laws” that our neighbors find laughable, at best (for those of you who have missed out on the joke machine, you cannot purchase a car or carryout alcohol on Sundays, because… well, just because- ask the one man with one sheep why). 
Just a week ago, Adam Rank wrote the blog for NFL.com entitled “Is Indy Super Bowl a good idea?” where he questions whether or not Indianapolis has modern conveniences such as traffic lights, and what restaurants have cropped up aside from St. Elmo.  I called him out, and made the point that, every year, we host a sporting event that includes a quarter million racing fans, and none of them seem to have a problem finding something good to eat.  But, again, it’s about perception.  Although we know Rank was half-way kidding, we’re still trapped with the image that we have nothing but farm fields, buggies, and stop signs.  Oh, and St. Elmo Steakhouse.  Apparently, we have one thing that leaves a lasting image for our visitors.  (His blog is here:   http://blogs.nfl.com/2011/02/02/indianapolis-super-bowl-may-be-good-idea-afterall/#sort:TimeStampDescending/page:2)

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